Bosnia property listings real estate lands homes

Bosnia property listings real estate lands homes

FOR RENT! An attractive, charming, just refurbished three bedroom house, measuring 230 square meters, situated on the one of the best locations in Sarajevo

FOR RENT! Small, one bedroom apartment, measuring 40 square meters, situated in Sarajevo, on perfect location – Djidjikovac area, just a steps away from BBI …

Bosnia property listings. Find ideal involvement opportunity in Bosnia real estate, lands, homes / houses and commercial properties for sale & rent in Sarajevo .

اقرا ايضاً: أفضل الأنشطة في البوسنة والهرسك

search property. Category: All categories, Sale, Rent. Prophttp://www.bosnagate.comerty Type: All properties, House, Apartment, Land. State: Bosnia and Herzegovina. City: All cities …

Bosnia property listings real estate lands homes

Expat Exchange: Find Houses for Sale in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Houses for Rent in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Home Exchange Bosnia & Herzegovina, Roomates

Bosnia property listings real estate lands homes

With over 90000 real estate properties in our database, we can offer the most up to date catalog of apartmentshouses, commercial properties in Bosnia

اقرا ايضاً: تأجير السيارات والتأمين في البوسنة والهرسك

The base we have a large number of houses of various sizes, from small family houses to luxury villas for long term rent in and around Sarajevo

cheap houses for sale & rent in Bosnia & Herzegowina to find your perfect property. ✓ No registration needed! ✓ All our services are free of

Bosnia property listings real estate lands homes

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