Ownership Company in Bosnia

تأسيس الشركات في البوسنة

Establishing companies in Bosnia

Register a company with limited liability in the federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina measures

Discussion of strategy

* Requirements in detail all the steps the government for the establishment of companies in Bosnia Bosnia gate.

1. The / decision of incorporation.

2. Interim open a bank account.

3. The tax certificate.

4. Announcement of the lack of business entity and the declaration of acceptance of the duties of the administration.

5. company registration forms.

6. obtain a court decision on registration of the company.

7. Get the decision to market inspection.

8. set statistical figure.

9. get a tax identification number.

10. the opening of a permanent bank account.

11. No. granting of tax and customs.

12. No. disability insurance and retirement.

1. Adoption contract / decision to establish a limited liability company and order Constituent Assembly.

The decision on the establishment of a limited liability company, should be released in the event that the founder is a natural or legal person and a single.

It enters into a contract to set up a limited liability company when the company was founded by two or more persons of their natural legal persons.




2. it is necessary to open an account in a commercial bank and depositing seed capital (minimum 2,000 km).

3. The tax certificate is necessary if the competent authority confirmed that you are not a businessman unscrupulous, and you have no other operating activities in which the tax liabilities have not been paid, the tax certificate issued by the IRS in the municipality 10-20km.

Steps of setting up companies in Bosnia

4. In addition to the documents mentioned in steps 1-4 need to graphs / _ the first of two statements that you do not have the founder of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina / Republic of Serbia, another business entity, and most recently as director (a statement signed by the company manager) a statement of acceptance of the duties.


5. judicial forms for registration of the company (Enterprise) with the founding contract represents a basis for judicial record for your company, for any entry in the commercial register of the Court of the canton.

6. seal can be made when the seals maker waste, fees for making seals ranging from 20-50 mark.

What are the start-up companies in Bosnia requirements

7. Approval of work get in the Department of competent market inspection, after filling out the form provided a copy of the court decision and pay the fees, after the submission of the application the inspectors out to the site and work report, which you can use in the following steps in the registry, all you need for this approval can be obtained when the market inspection – request, payment vouchers and account balances that prevent them 100 marc +50 marc (marc 150 total).



8. set statistical figure

After obtaining a court decision on registration of the company, it is essential that the company is registered in the Register of Companies in the Federal Statistical Office.

For a resolution on the appointment of the statistical figure you must submit the following documents: –

1. To set the number of statistical application (DOORSTEP the Statistical Office – price 2/3 Mark).

2. A certified copy of the court decision on the registration of the company.

3. Almedfoaan 100 mark.

9. get a tax identification number.

With a certified copy of the court’s decision and permit inspection of the market offers the following: –
Request to allocate tax identification number of the tax administration.

10. permanent open a bank account.

The opening of a permanent bank account, if it worked as the recommendations contained in step (3) is just Ajraickla does not need documents or Add payment

You must be submitted in the bank.

1. A copy of the court’s decision on the registry.

2. A copy of the decision on the granting of the statistical figure.

3. A copy of the decision to grant the tax number.

Government securities in the establishment of companies in Bosnia requirements

Completed form to persons authorized to act on the account – get it from the bank (formerly was called “a sample of authorized signatories”).
Your account is ready to work immediately, and you can dispose of the money in the account, including money that the head of a constituent Oodatk money.

11. (a) – Registration of taxpayers VAT.

The registration charge VAT by the Regional Centre competent for the benefit of indirect taxes.

Commitment to subject him to register all persons who exceed Toradhm goods or taxable services in the previous year or is likely to exceed the threshold of 50000.00 Marc.

For registration of VAT taxpayers, you must provide the following: –

1. The application for registration of VAT taxpayers.
2. The Court’s decision with the forms 1-4 (certified copy).
3. The registration of taxpayers tax from the IRS to the Republic of Barbh certificate (certified copy).
4. Payment on the total amount of the 15:00 mark of the costs of registration voucher.

Other documents depending on the type of registration according to the regulations registered taxpayers VAT.


Securities and establishing companies in Bosnia requirements
(B) Registration on customs duties assigned to record.


It is applied to enter the record customs duties assigned by the Indirect Taxation Authority.

And must submit the following: –

1. written request

2. The Court’s decision with the forms 1-4 (certified copy) must be that the company recorded for the activities of foreign trade.

3. The registration of taxpayers tax from the IRS to the Republic of Barbh certificate (certified copy).

4. sample of Commissioners certified Baltoukan of the commercial bank on which it is opening an account.

5. Payment on the total amount of 15.00 Marc costs Date coupon.

12. registration of the company and employees in pension insurance and disability insurance Pfdralah Bosnia and Herzegovina record, and must be submitted to the Fund as follows: –

1. Form (obtained in the Fund).

2. The Court’s decision with the forms (certified copy).

3. Memorandum of Association of the company.

4. document Republic Institute for Statistics (certified copy).

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